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Mechele Armstrong
Another Night, Another Dream

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · August 2009
eBook ISBN · 978-1-59632-990-4
Genre · Contemporary Ménage
Length · Novella
Sequel · Another Dream, Another Reality

Cassie thought she'd convinced her friends not to throw her some lame birthday party, but when her 25th rolls around, boy was she wrong. Not only is there a birthday party, but there's a stripper, and a bitchy little tramp who insults Cassie's plus-sized curves at her own party. Pissed off beyond belief, Cassie storms out, only to get trapped in a stairwell.

The stripper, Aden, and the bodyguard, Leo, follow her out to check on her, but just their luck, they get trapped in with her. Aden can't believe his luck at being stuck with the gorgeous birthday girl and the Hotty McHotass he's been looking at all night. Hotty McHotass takes the whole thing pretty stoically, just like he does everything else—but you can't judge a book by its cover.

To distract Cassie from a claustrophic panic attack, the boys start up a game of Truth or Dare. Cassie reveals her secret fantasy to have a threesome, and one by one, hearts, souls, and bodies are laid bare. It's a fantasy come true, and so much more, but when the game's over, will it turn out to be just another night, another dream?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/f).

Another Night, Another Dream

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

Joyfully RecommendedJoyfully Recommended! "Another Night, Another Dream starts out hot and just gets hotter as it goes on. Mechele Armstrong has masterfully blended steamy hot sex with longing and love in this fantastic tale. Cassie, Aden, and Leo are all characters who are sure to grab your heart. [...] Another Night, Another Dream is a decadent treat I absolutely loved reading. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Armstrong and it definitely won't be the last."
—Shayna, Joyfully Reviewed

FAR Recommended Read5 Angels and A Recommended Read! "Mechele Armstrong reinforced my belief in love for every shape and size. I admit to being a full-figured woman myself and am pleased with the way Cassie was portrayed in Another Night, Another Dream. I was glad I decided to give this book a try. Aden and Leo were the best men for Cassie to fall in love with. They loved her just the way she was and that was one of the best parts of the book. That isn't to say that the sex wasn't hot, because it was really steaming."
—Nickie, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Lips! "Another Night Another Dream by Mechele Armstrong is a touching read on more than the physical level. I found Cassie amazing for handling the skinny mini with class and leaving the degrading atmosphere cruel words had caused. Aden and Leo, yum one dark skin and one tan, had me burning hot. Both possess qualities I love in a man. I love how the game played out and how it gave glimpses into distinct personalities and how each fantasy was fulfilled. I really enjoyed the heat of this book and how fantasy doesn't have to be impersonal. I'd recommend this to friends as a great read."
—Sin, Two Lips Reviews

4.5 Hearts! "Another Night, Another Dream is purely captivating! A delightfully naughty fantasy that is sure to play on the hearts and minds of readers from the very first page. Ms. Armstrong has created an incredibly intense and riveting story that blends drama, passion, and humor with a great deal of heart and sensitivity."
—Shannon, The Romance Studio

4.5 Stars! "Mechele Armstrong is a truly gifted author. Her characters always seem to come to life. The honesty and sensuality of the stories make them must read, must own. This is the kind of story that you want to read more of and see what else can happen. I can not wait to read more by Mechele Armstrong and I am looking forward to whatever novel she has in store for us next."
—Kimberley Spinney, Sensual Ecataromance

5 Nymphs! "Another Night, Another Dream is an apt title for this book. You are drawn into the game and the emotions brought up are very intense as they learn about each. I enjoyed the journey the author takes you on in this book. This book is one to add to your bookshelf if you like a good ménage story with a side of male/male relationship."
—Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs

5 Cherries! " In Another Night, Another Dream, Mechele Armstrong has written a strong, unconventional heroine. I am a sucker for BBW's as I am one myself. The strength of character each of the three in this stairwell display is wonderful. [...] I loved how Ms. Armstrong managed to break the stereotypes and made these people just plain people, with fears and insecurities just like all of us. When things didn't seem to be working out, I was a bit disappointed. I wasn't sure how it would end. But the twist at the end made it all worthwhile. Hot stairwell action, and more than a few laughs make this book a fantastic read."
—Holly, Whipped Cream

4 Stars! "Ms. Armstong has penned an inspiring story that allows that reader to live vicariously through realistic characters. Readers will enjoy being able to easily identify with Cassie, no matter what size they are. We have all experienced the snarky, stuck up twit at the office who makes us want to slap the teeth from her head. Not to mention fantasizing about the drool worthy stranger you meet but don't feel like you're in the same league. Although it is a situation that will most likely NEVER happen, I am impressed that Ms. Armstrong took the time to make sure that the main characters practiced safe sex."
—T.S. Peters, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars! "[T]he characters have depth, that each has his/her own fears and insecurities, and that in opening up to the others, instead of being ridiculed, they find strength and acceptance and the first step toward healing. [...] Mechele Armstrong is a master storyteller and I'll be seeking out her other books."
—Silver, The Raving Readers

4 Stars! "Aden and Leo came with their own emotional baggage, but as with Cassie, they are strong characters who pulled through and grew because of that strength and their newfound ménage relationship. I was impressed with these characters in the short time I got to learn about them."
—Chanda, Nightowl Romance


Copyright © 2009 Mechele Armstrong

Aden would have fun finding out how to push Leo even further.

He sobered. He had revealed more of himself than he'd meant to earlier. He'd been almost shocked as the words popped out of him without any forethought. He never talked about race relations with anyone. Not even his family knew the harshness that growing up biracial had caused for him. Or at least, they'd never talked about the situation. He'd not give up on his life because of events in the past, but sometimes people around him had been cruel.

Aden sat back as they both looked at him expectantly. "Leo." He'd had to pick the giant of a man. Time to stop reflecting and get his ass back to the game at hand. He tried to look nonchalant but he was praying for a dare. A dare would set into motion a plan for both Cassie and Leo. One that he would enjoy watching.


Aden must have looked too happy at the answer. He quickly brought his smile under control, but not quickly enough.

Leo didn't change expression, but he muttered, "Maybe I should change it to truth." He looked cautiously over at Aden and pushed back his hair from his face. His hand dropped down to his lap. Where an erection still resided.

Good to know he was still invested in this game.

Aden rubbed his hands together. This was about to get even better. How hard would Leo get? Would he finally show some emotion? Would Cassie's nipples harden too? "I want you to strip Cassie's shirt from her." He waited for reactions from both of them.

Leo, as usual, didn't have one.

Aden frowned. What was it going to take? He'd have to work harder to get the man to have a reaction. Before the night was over, he would get a look under Leo's mask.

Cassie gasped. "Take off my shirt?" She looked as if she didn't know whether to be offended or pleased. A laugh broke free of her mouth. She must have chosen the latter. "So you want to see my tits."

"Duh." He waggled brows at her. Of course he did. "Are you wearing a bra?" He blew out a breath, waiting on that answer. He hadn't known how that suggestion for a dare would go over. It seemed to have gone over better than he'd thought it would. He hadn't known if she'd have issues with stripping down in front of them like she had earlier. He wanted to beat those who'd made her feel less than a person for her weight. She was beautiful. He intended to show her with every truth she revealed and every dare she had some involvement with.

Her acceptance of the dare meant they were all back in the game after getting distracted by seriousness. It hadn't been time for the game to end. They still had many hours to kill and much to learn about each other.

He found himself more and more committed to getting to know them through truth or dare. And liking them both from what he was learning. They intrigued him. More than anyone he'd ever been involved with.

Not to mention they both turned him on. Had before getting trapped. Now that he was learning about them, he found them even more irresistible.

The song that had played for the evening stripping rang in his head. This was definitely "Another Night Another Dream." But who knew where everything would lead?

Leo moved closer to her without saying a word. Did he want to see her bared breasts too? He gave no indication. Instead, he took position to do what he'd been instructed to do. He might have been paying bills or going to the grocery store so deadpan was his face.

Wait a minute. Was that a hitch in his breath? Was his breathing faster than before? Maybe. About damn time he showed a reaction to something about this dare.

Aden watched closely to see if he could pick up on anything else that would tell him that Leo wasn't as removed from this as he tried to appear. He didn't see any other signs. Damn the man.

Her eyes cut to him then back to Aden as she finally replied to Aden 's question. He'd thought she would ignore him. "Yes, by the way, I'm wearing a bra." She put her arms down by her side. "No two-for-one deals now, after you've already given the dare. You said strip the shirt only."

"My bad." He bared his teeth in a full-out grin. "I should have asked for both things." He snapped his fingers. Too bad. He hadn't thought about that until he'd asked her about the bra, which was too late.

She shrugged her shoulders but didn't seem all that upset for his missing out on seeing her bare or about having to strip. She looked as if she was having fun. Which was what he wanted. "Too late now."

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