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Mechele Armstrong
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Stories and Articles

Having garlic bread tonight? Not if you want to attract a vampire (previously published at Romance Junkies)

You must be 18 or older to read the following stories:

The Bracelet (previously published in Loose Id's Katrina Relief Blog)

The Knight in a Cowboy Hat (parts 1-9 in PDF)
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 1: Angel in a Thong
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 2: A Kiss Quite Unlike Milk Toast
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 3: I Didn't Even Get To See If She Wore A Thong
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 4: Awakenings
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 5: Second Chances
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 6: Marshmallow in Flames
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 7: What A Big Bed You Have
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 8: What A Big Package You Have
The Knight in a Cowboy Hat 9: Up In The Hayloft

Interviews and Blogging

Author Spotlight by Ann Lory

From A to Z, from Z to A, characters are everywhere

Mechele Armstrong at The Chatty Cat Cafe by Susanne Saville

Interview at FAR by Dawnie

Behind the Scenes blogs at Novelspot:
The path to once upon a time
Blow down the doors
Things that go bump in the night
You did what?
It's time to get things started
I want it all
From here to there, from there to here

Author Interview at Loose Ends

Night Owl Romance author interview by Tammie King

(interview by Tammy)

ParaNormalRomance interview

Melissa's Boudoir interview by Melissa Schroeder

Interview at Joyfully Reviewed by Gracie

Interview by Raeshylle (includes an excerpt for Settler's Mine: The Rivals)

Interview with Mechele Armstrong at Shelia Goss' blog

Mechele Armstrong - Featured Author at Tracey H. Kitts' blog

Behind the Story: Blood Lines Prequel: Currents by Mechele Armstrong at Mandy M. Roth's blog

Mechele Armstrong & the Big Idea at Dionne Galace's blog

Guest Blogger: Mechele Armstrong at Shelley Munro's blog

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