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Mechele Armstrong
Fire Riders 3: Beyond the Fire

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · July 2012
eBook ISBN · 978-1-61118-902-5
Genre · Fantasy/shape-shifter (m/m/f)
Length · Novella/Short novel

Neither Lord Rogin nor Lady Hallah is thrilled to be marrying the other to unite their kingdoms and stop all the fighting. Lady Hallah wonders if she will be able to keep her dragon rider lover, Dunstan, and runs to him for one last tryst. When Rogin walks in on them, the last thing she expects is for Dunstan and Rogin to kiss.

But kiss they do. Only Lord Rogin knows he can't be in a permanent relationship with the two Wardonans because his people won't consent to it. It doesn't matter what he might want, even after the kiss ignites all his senses.

On the journey back to Eastania for the wedding, Dunstan dares Rogin to share a tent with Hallah and him to see what he'd be missing. Rogin takes him up on the challenge but finds himself more and more tempted each day.

When tempers fly and Eastanians let Rogin know in no uncertain terms they won't accept him with two Wardonan lovers, what choices can he make to still unite their people and get what he desires at the same time? Will he go beyond the fire and do the mating marks to unite them for eternity?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f).

Fire Riders 3: Beyond the Fire

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Reviews and Awards

4 Stars! "I liked this world so well that books one and two in the series are on my TBR list and I'll definitely read subsequent books in the series. [...] I found this to be a well-written erotic romance where all the sex becomes emotional as well. [...] Any fan of MMF erotic romance will really like this story. BEYOND THE FIRE is a good combination of erotic romance and sci-fi world building, in my opinion."
—J9, The Romance Reviews

"I enjoyed watching as all three of these lovers fought for each other and to find a way to be together forever. Ending a war is never easy when you have to bring the two sides together and yet I know that Rogin, Hallah and Dunstan will be able to do so with their love leading the way. Beyond the Fire proves that passion can overcome even the hardest of feelings in the best possible of ways."
—Jo, Joyfully Reviewed


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Copyright © 2012 Mechele Armstrong

"I know that." How to make him see? There was only one way. Rogin pulled Hallah along with him and approached Dunstan.

Dunstan stood his ground and watched them.

Rogin lifted his head slightly and slowly kissed Dunstan's lips. He pressed in and seared Dunstan's lips with his.

Dunstan started out stiff and unresponsive, but soon his lips opened under Rogin's and became more pliable.

He tasted damn fine.

Their mouths melded in a fire that burned brighter than any dragon could emulate. Scorching didn't even cover what they had between them. Dunstan let out a growl as he buried his hand in Rogin's hair.

A tiny touch brought Rogin back to himself. He pulled away from Dunstan, gasping for air.

Hallah had tapped him. She had an amused look on her face. "Don't forget about me." She coquettishly blinked her eyes.

Rogin turned his head to Dunstan. "Hope that showed you."

Dunstan's eyes were passion hued. They darkened when he was aroused. "Sure did." His gaze shifted to Hallah. "Get undressed." His voice turned from lazy to masterful in a second.

Luckily, the men were already naked. They'd never put on their clothes after coming back as dragon riders. As a matter of fact, their clothes still were out where they'd left them. They could get them later. Right now, they had better things to do.

Dunstan was right. They needed to focus on getting Hallah as naked as they were.

"Aren't you pushy?" She waggled her brows and slowly tugged down her tight pants over her hips. She shed her leggings quickly but not nearly quick enough for Rogin. Or Dunstan, as he finally went over and tugged her shirt over her head.

"Still no underthings." He clicked his tongue. "Naughty girl."

"Like that bothers you."

He shook his head. "You know it doesn't." He popped her on the rear with a smack, making her exclaim in surprise. "But doing what I ask as slowly as possible, does."

Their gazes fell to Rogin.

Dunstan motioned to the bed rolls. "Pull them together while I get someoil." He strode to his bag.

Rogin's mouth went dry. This was going to happen. For real. He was going to be with Dunstan and Hallah. If he had his way, forever.

Hallah poked him. "He doesn't like it when you dawdle." She grinned at him. "Unless you're into that kind of thing."

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