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Mechele Armstrong
Blood Lines 1: Blood Kiss

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · October 2005
eBook ISBN · 1-59632-177-6
Genre · Vampire paranormal
Length · Novel

Sarah never thought vampires were real until her roommate was killed, drained of all blood. Now, she can't stop dreaming about the killer, each dream more vivid and horrible than the last. Then she meets Nick, and while the attraction is instantaneous, so is the danger.

Nothing has warmed Nick's vampire blood and heart more in a century than Sarah. But Nick pursues the same killer she dreams of every night, having turned Marcus into a vampire years before. Now he must kill his protégé.

Even as their passion flares, Marcus closes in on the woman in his head. Can Nick thwart Marcus' attempts to make Sarah his final Blood Kiss?

Blood Lines 1: Blood Kiss

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

FAR Recommended ReadFAR Recommended Read! "Readers will be drawn in and enthralled by the incredible mix of sensuality and darkness that fills the pages and makes your heart skip a beat. Mechele Armstrong has created a fantastic story that is hot, sultry, and fun to read. I am looking forward to reading any of her future stories."
—Tammy, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Wow! A Blood Kiss was great! I enjoyed everything about this paranormal tale. Ms. Armstrong creates a fantastic story that kept me glued to page after page of this hot read. The characters and setting pulled me right in. Ms. Armstrong knows how to tap into the emotions of her characters, making them believable. Her vivid imagination allows Nick and Sarah's world to come alive with deception and suspense.

Nick and Sarah burn up the sheets, and I found that I was absorbed and excited by how their relationship progressed. I was emotionally invested in Nick and Sarah. I even felt bad for the villain once I found out about his past. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Armstrong. I highly recommend Blood Kiss!"
—Klarissa, Joyfully Reviewed

5 Hearts! "The plot to find the killer and build a relationship between Nick and Sarah is organized and fully developed. The relationship between Nick and Sarah is passionate and explicit in details. The virginal Sarah and the very experienced Nick make for some very steamy scenes. This is a very sexy, suspenseful thriller that I think the readers will enjoy."
—Anita, The Romance Studio

5 Stars! "From the chilling beginning in the mind of a villain to the dramatic climax this was a well-plotted suspenseful tale of love and murder. [...] The resolution of Nick and Sarah's feelings for one another was also nicely done and felt more real than many romance set-ups. The tingle of suspense throughout the story and the love of two like souls make a terrific read in the dark of the night."
—Kirra Pierce, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Stars! "Mechele Armstrong begins a new Vampire series with a bang. She introduces us to characters guaranteed to want their own stories. I could not put this book down until I finished it. Sarah and Nick are hot together."
—Candy, Sensual Ecataromance

"If you are looking for a good vampire romance to read this Halloween season and want to try someone new, look no further then BLOOD KISS by Mechele Armstrong."
—Barb Hicks, The Best Reviews


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Copyright © 2005 Mechele Armstrong

Sarah put apple cider bubble bath under the tap and ran roasting water. On a whim, she lit a couple of candles. She stripped, got in, and laid her head back.

"Ahhhhhhh," she murmured.

She had her dog-eared, worn out copy of a romance by Melany Logen, but instead she sat back and closed her eyes. She had been in for a few minutes, when a slight noise made her eyes open. Nick stood at the doorway watching her. He'd dressed in a dark blue button-down shirt and jeans. He leaned back on the doorjamb, unbuttoning said shirt.

Her breath caught in her throat. She sunk low in the water, almost bringing up her hands to cover her breasts, then stopped herself. He'd seen her naked before. Hopefully, he would a lot more in the future.

His eyes met hers, and she saw the desire pooling in them. Her eyes drifted down his body from his fingers slowly undoing his shirt to the bulge in his jeans, noticeable even through thick denim.

"Hi." It came out as a whisper and her dry mouth couldn't get her voice any higher, "I didn't mean to wake you."

"You didn't." Nick let his shirt drift to the floor. "I didn't hear you come in. If I had and heard you getting in the bath, I wouldn't have bothered dressing."

He smiled. It somehow showed everything he thought about, making her gulp, and his words made her ache in the pit of her stomach. She gazed at his powerful chest with all his muscled abs and pecs, remembering touching all those hard muscles covered by soft skin and a slight thatch of dark hair. Gorgeous. Her body had never electrified before the way it did when looking at him. She'd never expected her feelings to be reciprocated the way he did, either.

He undid his jeans, shedding them and his briefs quickly.

"Are you joining me?" Sarah inquired, surprised.

As he stalked to the tub, naked, she drew back a tiny bit. Had an image of prey being pursued by some dark panther. The anticipation of being stalked had her shivering... Her heart pounded inside her chest. His muscles rippled and corded in his legs as he walked. He would devour her. His eyes promised that.

She couldn't help looking at the other thing, which promised things to come. His shaft... his cock. The way it came out of his body with arousal made her clench her thighs together. It didn't seem to bother him, however, where her eyes went. In fact, the gleam in his eye told her he enjoyed her looking.

"Like?" he murmured.

She nodded, unable to find the words to say how much.

· · ·

He reached back and pulled the strap out of his hair, dropped it, and shook his hair down. "You look lonely in that large tub all by yourself," Nick whispered.

He had found heaven on earth. When he'd entered the bathroom, Sarah had been leaning back in the big tub with candles lit everywhere and her eyes closed. The swell of her breasts had been even with the water line. His hands itched to cup them, hold them.

She'd opened her eyes, and the look on her face had warmed him. In that instant, he knew he loved her. His mate. That's why he'd reacted the way he had to her. The primal side of him had recognized it instantly. It had taken his human side a little while to catch up. For once, he could say, good thing he listened to his instincts. He hardened more as the knowledge swept through him. His. He'd make her scream tonight. He wanted to be the first, needed to be the last.

Nick walked around to where Sarah sat and slipped in behind her. His erection sat against her flank, and his chest rested against her back. Rubbing himself against her, he smiled at her moan.

He kissed the back of her neck, and brought his hand up to caress the front of her throat.

"You know you're going to smell like apple cider for the rest of the night?" she teased.

"I don't care," he whispered as his hands surrounded her breasts.

She gasped in surprise and pleasure, squirming against him, shifting herself closer to his touch.

He stroked her soapy mounds and nipples, marveling at the feel of them. Enjoyed the way they fit in his hands as he held them, and the way her nipples hardened to fine points stabbing him. Swollen, so heavy in his hands. He could hear her heart beating and how each touch made it beat that much faster.

Sarah tried to turn herself around in the tub, but his hands and his legs held her the way she sat. "Not yet, ma petite."

"But I want to touch you," she gritted out.

"You will, but the other night you didn't give me much of a chance to explore you. I'm not complaining, sweet. But now I'm going to ravage you for a bit."

Nick kissed her shoulder and slid one hand down her stomach. It went over her red curls into the part of her he'd been dreaming of all day while lying in her bed.

His fingers massaged her clit gently as one hand stayed on her breast, while he kissed her shoulders and the side of her neck. Gently, he rocked his hips against her bottom, letting her know how much he wanted her. The other of his hands dipped down away from her breast to tantalize her too. Spreading her legs wide open, he massaged her nub with one hand, while his other hand slipped his thumb in and out of her. Her slick wetness invited, welcomed him.

On the brink of her orgasm, he stopped, not wanting this to go too fast, seeking to prolong her pleasure. He turned her around to lay her on the opposite side of the tub as he partially kneeled in front of her. She groaned low and stared up at him with her eyes darkened with desire. With her long flowing hair splayed around her, she looked like a water nymph come to let him ravage her.

He smiled and dipped his head to kiss her as he positioned himself against her. His tongue slipped in to caress her mouth, sliding against her lips and tongue. Her arms went around him, and her hands touched along his back and shoulders. He shuddered at her touches. Magic, such pleasure in those tiny hands. His cock twitched, and he had to rein himself in, slow it down again. She tried to reach down and cup him.

Again, Nick stopped her. He grabbed both her arms and took them up to the top of the tub, taking her wrists in one of his hands.

"I'm not finished with you yet." He grinned at her, nipping her lips.

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