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Mechele Armstrong
Blood Lines Prequel: Currents

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · April 2007
eBook ISBN · 0978-1-59632-453-4
Genre · LGBT vampire paranormal
Length · Novel

A blacksmith has never seemed so sexy to the vampire Henri until he meets Nathan, the son of a dying friend. Nathan's everything he isn't. Impulsive and carefree, poetry in motion, and yet, there's an incredible power lurking inside those muscular depths: the critical ability to draw off emotions.

Beyond the growing bond between them, trouble lurks. For another vampire, Bellario, has discovered what Nathan can do and wants it for himself. He'll use anything to get it, including Nathan's neighbors and a former lover, who's bent on revenge, against Nathan.

Henri's determined not to lose Nathan like he lost his last student. But his blood lust threatens, and if he can't contain it, people will die. Nathan's siphoning powers help, but they're no match for Henri's emotional rush. Making him a vampire will increase those powers, Henri has sworn not to turn him unless his life is in danger.

That condition is filled when Bellario's riled up mob comes to burn Nathan out. But will Nathan and Henri be able to fight the crush and forge the currents of lust into something more lasting?

Publisher's Note: This e-book contains subject matter, language and graphic sexual content that may be offensive to some readers: m/m sexual practices.

Blood Lines Prequel: Currents

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

5 Stars! "When I read the first excerpt from this book, I had to blow down the front of my shirt and fan myself. Despite its being a male/male romance that excerpt, detailing the events of Henri and Nathan's first sight of each other, affected me as the hottest few paragraphs I'd ever seen. So I probably would have read this story even if it wasn't the prequel to one of my favorite series. The book didn't disappoint. [...] If you are already a fan of Mechele Armstrong's Bloodlines series, you will be thrilled with Currents. If you haven't read Bloodlines yet, start here, you don't know what you are missing."
—Karen Haas, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 ½ Lips! "...fans of vampire stories featuring two strong male protagonists struggling with their desire for one another as much as with external obstacles will be enthralled by Ms. Armstrong's take on the theme."
—Claire, Two Lips Reviews

4.75 Hearts! "The sex scenes are definitely sizzling, and the tantalizing pace of them made me tingle with anticipation. Nathan and Henri are well-drawn, as are the two villains, so we get a good idea of what everybody wants and is fighting for. It's great to have a book where the sex between two gorgeous guys is hot and frequent but it's not the only thing at stake. I will definitely be checking out more of Ms. Armstrong's work in the future, and recommend it for anyone looking for some sexy vampire action, and even if you're not a vampire fan, go ahead and pick this up. You won't regret it!"
—Nica Berry, Night Owl Romance

"I gave this a book a 5. I would have given it an 8 out of 10 if we were allowed to go that high. The connection and chemistry between these two characters was palpable. The story flowed and was unrushed. All salient plot points were explored and ended with no loose ends left dangling. The love scenes made me go and turn the air conditioner up they were so hot! I will definitely be buying the other books in this series."
—Hayley, My Book Cravings

"I connected with both Nathan and Henri from the beginning and Currents just reinforced why. While the amount and force of tension is a bit different from previous Blood Lines books, I enjoyed the pace and all the emotions from start to finish. For anyone who loves the Blood Lines books, you absolutely won't want to miss the story of Nathan and Henri. If you haven't yet tried the Blood Lines books (gasp) then here is the very beginning for you. For me, Currents was a must read, I'm guessing it will be for others too."
—Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

4.5 Nymphs! "Bloodlines Prequel - Currents is a fast moving and romantic paranormal read. When Nathan and Henri meet their emotions run deep and the sexual tension builds to a scorching level. Ms. Armstrong creates a well developed world for her characters and follows through to a climactic end. This is a mild, but wonderfully passionate tale as two men discover the kind of love that will last forever. I hope to see more sexy men falling in love from Ms. Armstrong in the future."
—Water Nymph, Literary Nymphs


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Copyright © 2007 Mechele Armstrong

Nathan blew out a heavy breath. Sweat rolled down his face as he turned toward Henri, soaking his clothes. The air was hot and even more so by the fire.

"Need some water?" Henri asked. Can I strip you down and take you? With a cough, he covered the noise of pleasure that had tried to creep free of his throat.


Henri hopped off the fence rail and sauntered to get Nathan a drink, much as he had the first day they'd met. A small animal that he didn't get a good look at scampered away into the grasses. Probably a marmot or something similar.

Nathan sipped the water from the dipper before pouring the remainder on his head. He shook, spraying water everywhere before he scooped out another dipperful of water and took another small drink.

Henri chuckled, wiping off a drop from his cheek. "Feel better?"

"No." With a sudden movement, he tossed the water in the dipper at Henri, soaking his hair and shirt. "Now I do."

Henri glared through the drips running over his eyelids. "What'd you do that for?" He swabbed at his face.

Nathan grinned, his face easing into that boyish look that had been missing the past few days. "You looked hot. I wanted to help."

"That's bull."

"Nah. The bull's over there." Nathan's face turned playful as he waggled his fingers in the pasture's general direction. In the dying light of the day, he was beautiful. The sun cast him in gold embers that looked as if they would consume him, setting off the natural tanned glow of his skin.

Henri couldn't find his breath. He couldn't take his eyes away from Nathan and didn't want to even if he could.

Nathan's face changed from joyous and playful to seductive. The look he gave was pure "Come fuck with me." And Henri was only too happy to oblige. He couldn't resist him, not with that look on his face.

The beast clamored for Henri to take him. To set his seal upon Nathan's being.

He'd take a kiss. Nothing more for now. He couldn't deny himself that.

They each took steps toward the other to meet in a frenzied mating of lips. Arms and bodies slid together in a melding. Even as their bodies connected, the dipper fell to the ground, hitting a rock with a resounding clang.

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