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Mechele Armstrong
Dinah's Dark Desire

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · August 2006 (print: May 2007)
eBook ISBN · 978-1-59632-336-0
Print ISBN-10 · 1596324619
Print ISBN-13 · 978-1596324619
Genre · Contemporary Suspense
Length · Novella

Dinah has two hunky best friends, Ian and Taylor. They are there for her during any trauma that comes her way, especially when her boyfriend abuses her. But when they decide they want her between them forever and all ways possible, what will she decide about their relationship?

Being with them is the sexiest thing she's ever done. They arouse her beyond anything she'd ever dreamed possible. And they give her a sense of completion, though she never imagined the American dream with Dick, Jane, and Robert. But when odd things start happening. Ugly things that make her doubt who she's becoming, she resists her desires, ignoring her gut feelings.

Will she give in to her family's and society's pressures? Or will she find a way to give in to her darkest desire, to be the woman in the middle?

Publisher's Note: This book contains sexual acts that may be offensive to some readers, including male/male sexual intercourse and male/female/male ménage.

The print version of the book includes Dinah's Christmas Desire.

Dinah's Dark Desire

Reviews and Awards
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Dinah's Dark Desire

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Reviews and Awards

2006 CAPA Nominee

Joyfully RecommendedJoyfully Recommended! "Ms. Armstrong has given us more than just a ménage story, although the sex is very, very hot; she has given us a satisfying and fulfilling story about three people who are good friends and how they came together as lovers. Dinah's Dark Desire is a story I highly recommend for anyone who loves a good romance."
—Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

5 Lips! "Mechele Armstrong practically turns the reader inside out from the first sentence, and leaves her begging for more. Do NOT miss out on this one, which has appeal for almost all readers. The characterization is deep, the plot line is intriguing, and the sensuality is volcanic. Run out and get this one-immediately! It's a rereader for certain."
—Frost, TwoLipsReviews.com

RJ 4.5 Ribbons4.5 Blue Ribbons! "The scenes involving Ian, Taylor and Dinah are not just hot with sexual tension but they're also very sweet and tender - everything you'd want between friends and lovers. Ms. Armstrong adds an exciting element to the storyline with the air of mystery surrounding odd events that keep occurring. Just when I thought I had it all figured out I realized that I couldn't have been more wrong. DINAH'S DARK DESIRES will definitely heat up your fantasies and leave you anticipating many more wonderful books from Ms. Armstrong."
—Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

FAR Recommended ReadFAR Recommended Read! "The relationship dynamics are fantastic here, the sensual scenes are ooh-la-la amazing, and the addition of two of the trio's exes (and a splash of danger) to the mix just added another mantle of plot to this tale. I've also got this inexplicable and incredibly wicked craving for some chocolate-covered strawberries to understand why, read Dinah's Dark Desire!"
—Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Tattoos! "Mechele Armstrong's Dinah's Dark Desire is a sinfully delicious helping of mènage. The choices and desires Dinah experiences draw the reader into a sensual playground. Her yearning for affection, acceptance and love makes her a very believable character struggling to understand her life. Taylor and Ian are wickedly handsome lovers with intense passions and personalities. Their breathtaking seduction techniques curled my toes.

Leading suggestive remarks and smoldering embraces merge to become erotic love scenes. Whether it is Taylor and Ian expressing their passions or Dinah giving into orgasmic pleasure, the only word to describe these carnal acts is HOT. The feelings and passions these three lovers have for each other overflow from the pages. I would kill to find one man like this much less two."
—Ophelia, Erotic-Escapades

Rating: 5 - Highly recommended to buy! "This book is a delicious read of decadent splendor. [...] The book is fast paced, yet the relationship between the three is developed and believable. The sex is intense, sweaty, naughty, and above all else, just plain hot. [...] Don't let this book pass you by."
—Acquanetta Ferguson, Examiner.com


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Copyright © 2006 Mechele Armstrong

"Are you my queen? Should I bow?"

"Why, yes, I think you should." She drew herself up, sticking out her neck regally. Her playful side was coming out. This was going to be quite a show.

With a wink at Taylor, Ian bowed down. Shifting up further on his knees, he took her small foot in his hands.

"What are you doing now?"

Pushing his thumbs into her arch, he massaged. "I'm going to kiss and massage the feet of my Queen, of course."

Taylor continued to fix the food, sneaking peeks at his friend and his lover. Dinah's gulp had him glancing their way. Ian had sucked her toe into his mouth and was obviously using one very talented tongue to his advantage.

Taylor hardened more. Dinah had flushed again, reclining back on the counter. Her tongue swiped out to lick her lips.

He lost it. Any control he had went into limbo. Stalking over, he placed one hand at the base of her neck and dove in to kiss her. Her arm wrapped around his neck. His kiss wouldn't be gentle nor would it end. Their mouths and tongues playfully danced and darted in the most sensual wet way.

It was Ian's movements when he released her foot and jumped to his feet that brought their kiss to an end. Ian grabbed the pot off the stove. All the water had burned up and the spaghetti was starting to. Turning down the heat, he poured a little water into the pan.

"Shit." Taylor rubbed his chin. "Sorry about that."

Ian's grin ate up his face. "You were distracted."

Dinah's head ducked down. She didn't say a word.

Taylor clasped her hand tightly in his. "Damn right, I was. And loving the distraction, too."

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Darling, don't be. But I'd suggest we do takeout. And don't touch each other for awhile if you're starving for food." She licked her lips again. Taylor groaned. "Or do that." She blinked at him, puzzled.

"Taylor has a thing for tongues." Ian grabbed the phone. "Chinese O.K. with everyone? They deliver and are quick."

"Sure." Taylor tried to remember all the philosophers he enjoyed reading. How he would get through this meal without jumping anyone after what had happened, he didn't know. His cock twitched. It wasn't going to be easy.

"We can do strawberries and chocolate for dessert." Good thing Ian stood out of reach or Taylor would have smacked him. Nothing beat strawberries and chocolate while using a lover for a plate.

"You know, I'm not all that hungry." Dinah's voice came out tiny in the room, but it echoed in his ears.

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