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Mechele Armstrong
Blood Lines 4: Night's Journey

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · June 2007
eBook ISBN · 978-1-59632-448-0
Genre · Vampire paranormal
Length · Novel Plus

Freelance photographer, Theo, is snapping pictures downtown when he takes something he didn't bargain on, a picture of a man leaning over a woman. When a woman is found dead in that area, Theo knows he has the face of a killer in his pictures.

Anna Grace arrives in Richmond to track Titius, a deadly vampire, who thinks humans are only good for one thing: food. And now her nemesis has let himself be photographed over the body of a kill.

When Anna Grace goes to retrieve the incriminating pictures before they are made public, Theo catches her. He's a human with the ability to push other's minds into what he wants them to do, including hers. He also does what no man has been able to do since she was made into a vampire: dominate her in sizzling sex.

From there, it's a race to what Titius seeks to complete plans, and there's a few losses along the way. This night's journey must result in victory for the organized stable vampires, or humanity and many vampires, and the passion between Anna Grace and Theo will be casualties of war.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual encounter (dubious consent) and violence.

Blood Lines 4: Night's Journey

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

"Mechele Armstrong has written one of the best vampire story lines I have read, "Ever". I love the way she writes the vampires in these stories as strong and passionate beings. And Theo, well he is pure "Heat", and I loved the way she made him human but having his own powers over Anna. I loved the fast paced chase and intrigue of this story. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering if they will be able to stop him in time, and if their feelings and love will be strong enough to last. I look forward to this author's next book, and can't wait until it comes out."
—Nicole Harvey, ParaNormalRomance.org

5 Angels! "Night's Journey is the fourth book in the Blood Lines series and an excellent addition to a fascinating series. Author Mechele Armstrong seamlessly blends new characters and old friends into an electrifying tale teeming with action, adventure and mystery. With each turn of the page you watch the characters grow while hanging on to every word, never knowing what to expect next.

I enjoyed watching Anna-Grace and Theo come together and thought that their strengths and weaknesses balanced one another out beautifully while the passion and chemistry that they shared was explosive! I have to give Night's Journey 5 Angels and thanks to Ms. Armstrong for another compelling story!"
—Tammy, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Stars! "This is a very involved, engaging story with lots of passion and sex throughout. The four main characters, plus six well developed supporting characters make for an intriguing story. Anna Grace and Theo are hot, hot, hot with sexual undercurrents oozing off the page."
—Brigit Aine, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Enchantments! "Mechele Armstrong has a wonderful style of writing in BLOOD LINES: NIGHT'S JOURNEY. Her characters have life and purpose. When reading this book I enjoy how she blended the characters and the places she took them. I would like to read more from Ms. Armstrong."
—Barbara, Enchanting Reviews

"Similar to the previous three books in the Blood Lines series, NIGHT'S JOURNEY is a combination of action and adventure. [...] The sex is raw and often raunchy with a bit of darkness as befits vampires."
—Phillipa Ann, RRTErotic

"When Anna Grace and Theo had to make some hard decisions, I was right there flipping the pages to see what would happen. I truly love the world Ms. Armstrong has created with her Blood Lines characters and once again I was captivated within the first few paragraphs. With Anna Grace and Theo, she has another great couple that had me reading Night's Journey in one sitting. Discovering that the couples in the first Blood Lines book played key roles here was just the cherry on top of a fantastic story line. Night's Journey is a must read for anyone who has been following the Blood Lines series. If you are just beginning with this novel, you have a sensual and erotic journey of discovery ahead of you with just enough suspense to keep things hot and spicy."
—Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

3 Stars! "This interesting addition to Armstrong's Blood Lines series features a number of familiar faces. Anna Grace is a fascinating heroine, and Theo is a nice match for her."
—Susan Mobley, Romantic Times BOOKreviews


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Copyright © 2007 Mechele Armstrong

"Let me get inside before you manhandle me." Not that she minded his hands. But they made it hard to walk. With her uneven steps and clothing disarray, she had enough problems with that anyway.

"I didn't see you saying that out there. And besides, you are inside."

"When someone's face is in my pussy, I don't tell them to stop manhandling me." She arched a brow at him while letting go of her pants. They fell to the boot. "And I am now. I wasn't when your hands were exploring my ass."

His hands slowly glided across her ass again, taking their time before they cupped it. "Like this? That how they were exploring your ass?"

His touch frayed her already expansive nerve endings. "Oh, yes." She leaned into him. His hands explored her skin while his mouth planted several kisses along the side of her throat and shoulder. Her body shivered.

When his hands released her, she let out a whimper.

"Shhh, darling. I'm taking off your other boot."

He picked her up before sitting her on his coffee table. Sitting on the couch, he pulled off her boot. Holding it up in his hands, he looked at it. One finger touched the heel. "These are some scary assed shoes. With or without weapons."

She grabbed the leather boot, tossing it down to the floor. "Never insult a woman's footwear."

His grin crinkled his face. "Even if I made her see stars? I didn't insult them. They are scary."

She hmphed. "Even if. And I didn't see stars." Maybe a few comets and suns. Something much bigger than stars. She finished taking off the pants, leaving her bottom half naked. All she wore was her tank top and bra. "You're wearing way too many clothes."

He looked down at himself. "Am I?"

She leaned forward to grab the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his stomach. "You are."

"You going to remedy that I take it?"

She yanked the shirt up. "You bet I am."

He leaned forward, helping her get the shirt over his head. Her breath sucked in. Theo's abdomen was ripped. His arms, while not huge, had muscles that creased with every move. One hand tossed the shirt down while the other went to explore the skin of his chest and stomach. Smooth, excerpt for slight sprinkles of hair, she could feel his six pack. His skin warmed her hands.

Her photographer worked out. He didn't sit in his darkroom all day developing pictures, that much was for sure.

Her photographer?

God, she had to stop thinking like that. It would never work. This was a one-night thing. That was all.

His eyes darkened as he watched her face. He didn't look down to her stroking hands. One hand found his flat nipple and tweaked it. His breath sucked in sharply.

A slight noise came from outside the door.

Anna Grace tensed as she pushed to her feet, taking a defensive stance with her arms up as her senses hummed with new scents.


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