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Mechele Armstrong
The Sixth Cursed Halloween

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · October 2008
eBook ISBN · 978-1-59632-792-4
Genre · Paranormal
Length · Novella

On Halloween night, Brad settles down to repot his Bonsai tree. After an argument with his girlfriend, he needs someone to talk to. He's not expecting the tree to talk back.

Surprise! Dierdre's cursed inside his bonsai tree. She's been curled up watching him for years. This conversation's the first she's had in centuries.

Brad tries to set her free, but at the end of the night, he loses the ability to hear the woman with the sexy brogue. He vows he'll do what it takes to get her out, wanting to know the woman behind the voice. He even has erotic dreams about the woman she might be, for the five long years he searches for the saving spell.

Dierdre hates men. All of them. Or does she? Brad's such an earnest hunk, so determined to do right by her. Maybe they have some redeeming qualities - like a sexy, muscular chest.

On the sixth Halloween, a woman from Brad's life turns Dierdre's upside down. Literally. That's not a good thing for a potted tree. Now she's getting a choice: a life with Brad without her magic or back to the trees, but she can work her curses and take her revenge. What will she choose this sixth cursed Halloween?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.

The Sixth Cursed Halloween

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Reviews and Awards

4 Angels! "The Sixth Cursed Halloween was such a cute and fun read! I completely enjoyed this off-the-wall story! [...] Will Brad ever free Deidre or is she gone for good? Find out by reading this adorable story the talented Ms. Armstrong has written!"
—Megan, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Hearts! "Yes, Mechele Armstrong has written a delightful story that I really enjoyed reading. It's not too long and made a rather chilly evening warm and fun. This author has a real knack at bringing characters alive that the reader can relate to, at giving a plot that's fun and at delivering a well-rounded story that will keep the reader captivated. The romance is sensuous and very sexy. Brad has quite a few fantasies. Definitely worthy of recommending and I can only tell you that you'd be missing out on a really good Halloween read if you don't pick this up. Mechele Armstrong is a very good author that I have often enjoyed and I am sure you will too."
—Valerie, Love Romances & More

4 Stars! "Mechele Armstrong is a truly gifted author. Her stories are always unique and passionate. This is just another addition to a collection of stories that are gifts to be enjoyed over and over again. No matter what topic Ms. Armstrong writes about, she is vivid in imagery and intense in passion. I can not wait to see what she writes next."
—Kimberley Spinney, Sensual Ecataromance

3 Cups! "Mechelle Armstrong wrote a book with a strong story line. [...] I enjoyed the whimsical aspect of the story. It is a refreshing view of the havoc wreaked through revenge and hate. Brad is a wonderfully written character, because no matter how many dead-end relationships he enters, he still wants to save the unknown woman in his tree."
—Delane, Coffee Time Romance

"This is a well-characterized, thoroughly developed tale that won't disappoint its reader. [...] Perfect for a snowy afternoon, this slow-paced novella builds to a happily-ever-after climax."
—Chris, Joyfully Reviewed

4 Stars! "I think that readers will find themselves cheering out loud at times and laughing hysterically at others as they read. I dare anyone not to lose their hearts as they find out nothing is what it seems in The Sixth Cursed Halloween."
—T.S. Peters, JERR


She chuckled. "They won't work. You already know that they won't. The spell that binds me is too strong for you to break." Her voice lowered. "You're holding me. I can feel your hands on me..."

He tightened his grip around the branches. Please let her feel them even more now. He'd keep his hands on her no matter what happened. "We can try..." He grasped at any idea he could. There had to be a way. There had seemed like so much time existed before he'd have to face this moment. And he'd planned to get her out of the tree before she died. Somehow. He had planned several trips to even more impressive shamans next year if these spells didn't work tonight.

"No. Nothing will work." An audible breath blew out of her, which he heard inside his head. "Hold me. That's all you can do now." She hesitated. Then, plunged on with words. "When the tree passes, I'll go into a seed. We won't be together any longer."

"Where? How can I find you?" He stroked along the twig's rough outer bark. "How can I track where you go?" He'd move heaven and earth to find her again. There had to be way for him to pick up her location.

"You won't. You can't. I know not where I'll be tossed. Or even what kind of tree. It could be miles away from here. Or next door. You'll never find me. Especially as I can only talk to you one day a year. It'll be impossible. I'll be leaving you, Brad."

"No. I canů"

"You know it's true."

She was right. There were limitations on what he could do. He was only human. But he didn't have to like the way things were. "It's not fair." To find her and now lose her like this. Why had she even started talking to him, if all he was going to do was fail her time after time? First, he couldn't find her a way out. Now he got to watch her die. "Dammit."

Another chuckle. "Life's not fair. Haven't you learned that by now?"

"It's my fault. I never should have dated her. I..." He'd dated only because it would have been silly for him to sit around all the time with the tree. He'd had sex because he liked it, but even that had gotten less and less over the past years, like the number of his dates. In truth, he'd been looking for a woman like Deidre from the instant he'd started talking to her. Something about her drew him. Even when she was ranting about men like they were the worst scum on earth.

"I did this to you." And now she had another round of ammunition for hating any man. He'd been so stupid. He'd caused her to stay the small size so she couldn't grow big enough to get herself out. He'd tried for five years to break her out and been unsuccessful. And he'd dated an unstable woman who chose to take out her frustration on his plant instead of him. He'd caused this death as surely as if he'd tossed the pot himself.

"Don't be a fucking idiot. Your taste in women leaves something to be desired, yes. But you didn't do this. Mitzi did." The branches shook back and forth. "Taken out by a woman. Who would have ever thought..." She coughed. The sound was brackish and harsh.

"I can't lose you." What would he do with Deidre? She'd taken over his life even if he'd only had only the one day with her. She'd dominated his thoughts for five years. Most days had been spent researching things for her. Thinking of her. Anticipating the one day he could talk to her. And the last six Halloweens had been blessed by her presence in his mind.

"You will get along." Her voice grew rough. "Not much time left. It's my last cursed Halloween."

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