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Mechele Armstrong
Fire Riders 1: Taming the Fire

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · November 2011
eBook ISBN · 978-1-61118-558-4
Genre · Fantasy/shape-shifter (m/m/f)
Length · Short novel

Against the backdrop of a war over land where battles rage every night, Byron and Callum came together in an inferno of lust and they've been happy together. One problem, though; Byron is a dragon rider who is nearing the age when his fire build up will be too much and he'll be in danger of combusting. It doesn't help that Callum is a dragon rider too and raises Byron's fire instead of lowering it. Only one thing will ease the fires within Byron.

A human.

Mira has been just existing, trying to stay out of everyone's notice. Only she finds herself fascinated by two dragon riders who don't act like the others. It's a dangerous interest, and she should know. Her parents died as a result of dragon rider actions. But she hasn't escaped Byron's and Callum's attention.

When Byron and Callum decide she's the answer to their problems, will she rise above her problems and prejudices and step into the dragon's lair to tame Byron's fire?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, ménage (m/m/f, m/f/m).

Fire Riders 1: Taming the Fire

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

reviewed by LASR4 Stars! "With comprehensive and catchy characters and an ability to stay true to the dragon shifter theme, the author was able to create a story I definitely recommend to others."
—Peppermint, LASR Erotic Romance

4.5 Stars! "Ms. Armstrong takes the reader along on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Mira comes to terms with her inner demons and allows herself to fall in love with the very beings responsible for her mother's downfall."
—Candy, SensualReads.com

4 Fairies! "This was a lovely story filled with a believable relationship between three great people. I canít wait to read the next one."
—Drea Becraft, JBP Reviews


Callum's smile was wide and back to being cocky. He had a look that said with Byron by his side, he could do anything.

Byron liked that look.

"Will your shoulder be okay for this?" She pointed to the shoulder with the gash from the earlier fight.

"Don't you worry about me." Callum grinned at both of them. "I'm more than up for this."

Byron slowly unbuttoned his shirt before letting it fall to the floor, much as Callum had a few minutes ago. He undid the button.

She let out a small exclamation.

"You've seen us naked." Callum was already pulling down his pants. Byron stopped to watch as Callum's heavy cock sprang free.

"Yeah. But that was... different."

"How so?" Callum stepped from his pants and shoes in one fluid motion. He now stood before them flaunting the body he knew turned them on.

"Because then it wasn't going to be followed up by sleeping with us." Byron took his time unzipping his pants and pulling them down his legs to midthigh and stopping.

She nodded, keeping her gaze on him with an occasional glance at Callum. "How did you know that?" She seemed shocked he'd answered for her.

"Because I know you." Or at least he was starting to. He stepped out of his shoes before sliding his pants over his legs.

"No one has ever known me so well before." She watched as he stood before her completely nude. Her gaze seemed to be focused on his erection.

Good place.

He moved onto the bed, and Callum mirrored his movements, coming up the other side to lie by her.

The sheets were cool against his hot body. But not cool enough to do anything about the heat building up inside. Especially with the objects of his desire lying beside him.

He leaned over and kissed Mira slowly and thoroughly. He put all his pent-up longing into the kiss. By the time he was done, he was panting and felt even hotter than before. How was he not going to combust before he went inside her? He had to make it to that point to get his release. It was the only thing that would ease his fire. He'd never felt so uneasy about having sex in his life. He didn't want his two lovers to watch him burn up.

He watched as Callum leaned over and put a hand on her chin to tip her face his way. He claimed her lips in a punishing kiss that seemed to go on for decades.

Who would have thought watching a would-be lover and a current lover kiss would be hot? Not Byron, but apparently it was the hottest thing ever. He groaned, feeling his cock jerk in response. Sweat poured out from his pores. He growled but doubted they even heard him as they were so caught up in the kiss.

Yes, he was going to combust soon if he didn't get a grip on his emotions. No, he'd come too close to combust now. He had to manage his heat. Somehow he'd find a way to get through this intact. For their sake and his.

Callum finished up the kiss and pulled back from her. His breathing had grown erratic. His gaze immediately turned to Byron. "You okay, lover?" His eyes had genuine concern reflected in them.

Byron nodded but couldn't talk right then. If he did, he might babble, and Byron didn't babble.

Callum leaned over Mira to plant a kiss on Byron's lips. It was sweet and gentle, unlike the kiss he'd given to Mira. It was less wild and frantic. It was what Byron needed. It helped him get control of his spiraling warmth.

Did Callum taste Mira on Byron's lips the same way Byron did on Callum's? It was a sweet taste and not unpleasant. Byron liked recollecting how the taste had gotten there. It had been a hell of a kiss.

Callum pulled away. "You sure you can do this? Make it to the end without the fire getting you?"

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