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Mechele Armstrong
Fire Riders 2: The Fire Within

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · December 2011
eBook ISBN · 978-1-61118-722-9
Genre · Fantasy/shape-shifter (m/m/f)
Length · Short novel

Alin can't believe he captured Geant. Even though he did it unfairly and feels badly about it, he feels his people need this leverage against Eastania. The grizzled captain of Eastania's dragon riders is just as fascinating in person as he was on parchment. Geant wants his freedom and if his captor would just come in chain's reach, he could get away. But Alin the captain of Wardona's dragon riders is a little too alluring and sexy, and too smart to take the risk.

When Alin finally does walk within Geant's chain's reach, many things could happen. But what does is nothing either man expected. Combustion. And not the kind that explodes dragon riders. Volatile chemistry of the sexual sort.

Then Geant's mate Elesia shows up, along with the Eastania delegation ready to negotiate freedom for Geant; she knows one thing instantly. Someone else has been taking her mate. What she discovers is an attraction and an interest in Alin as strong as Geant's own.

War threatens to keep them apart. Can they deny how they feel, or will the fire within consume them all?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, bondage, male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/f, m/f/m).

Fire Riders 2: The Fire Within

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

4.5 Stars! "Ms. Armstrong takes us into a special prison cell made to hold a dragon and gives the reader sex hot enough to melt the bars on the windows."
—Candy, SensualReads.com

4 Fairies! "The gradual growth of lust to love between the two men was believable and remarkable. [...] I have to say Elesia was a great leading lady. Both strong and feminine all jammed into a beautiful package. [...] The second in the series with each story I fall more in love with these people and their world."
—Drea Becraft, JBP Reviews


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Copyright © 2011 Mechele Armstrong

Her laugh was low and tickled. "Geant has called me many things, but lovely isn't one of them. He tends to go toward the lewder scale of compliments to show me he appreciates me."

Alin's eyes widened. He hadn't meant to say those words about Geant out loud. He was still distracted by the change. "I mean no disrespect to Geant. But you are lovely."

"I know. Stop worrying about him." She moved closer with a wink. "What's between us is our business."

"You know, I should be getting back to... the dungeon. I'm on guard." He sniffed, her musk invading his nose. She smelled as lovely as she looked. Gaia, had he said that out loud too? He wasn't sure. His brain felt discombobulated, and she didn't do anything to help. She kept him off-balance, even more so than Geant.

"You don't have to go back now, do you?" She forced a fake pout on her face with her lips poked out.

Guess he hadn't said that aloud. He didn't know whether to be glad or disappointed by that. He tried to shake off the cobwebs in his brain.

"I cannot pull that off." Her face returned to normal with a laugh. "I don't pout. But I do persuasion pretty well." She moved even closer. "Do you have to get back now?"

He could feel the heat from her body. The warmth. The scent of her took him over. "Probably. Geant needs to be... tied. I need clothes..."

Her hand moved forward and clasped his cock. She wrapped those long fingers around him and gripped him in a firm hand.

He jumped upward at the contact. His body erupted in a shiver. He'd never imagined Elesia doing that in any thoughts he'd had about her.

She reached out with her second hand to join her first. "You're a big boy." Her voice had a purr to it.

She wiggled her hands on his skin until he couldn't remember his name, much less what he wanted to do by going back to the dungeon. She moved to his balls and cupped those with one hand while her first hand still gripped his shaft.

He was melting where he stood. His blood rushed around his body, mostly traveling to his well-worn cock. He widened his stance out of necessity.

"So hard. For me." She held him tightly while stroking him. "Yeah, I like the feel of you against me. I want you, Alin. I like you."

He couldn't move. Couldn't do anything but stand there and let her touch him. Not that he wanted to move or disrupt her touch.

She leaned into him, catching his gaze with her eyes. "Do you want me, Alin? Do you want to fuck me? Taste me?" Her words were so matter-of-fact, it was like they were discussing dinner.

"What happens if I say no? If I say yes?" His voice was hoarse and strained. The only sound was his panting.

Her hands stilled on both his cock and balls. "Say no and I stop. Say yes and I continue. We continue. You want to continue, don't you?" Those words were definitely purred. She began stroking him again.


"No, I'm not the goddess but have been called by her name lots of times." She chuckled. "Lots of times."

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