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Mechele Armstrong
Dear Rose 1: Winter's Gamble

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · June 2013
eBook ISBN · 978-1-62300-384-5
Genre · LGBTTQ contemporary (m/m)
Length · Novel

Rose Winters made a bet with her lover that she can get three relationships together and prove to him that she can be the next drag queen Dear Abby. It's a gamble but she's going to get Neo and Phil together and isn't afraid to play dirty to do it.

Phil was once Neo's dream of a guy but then he took off the morning after their one night stand. Unlike other guys, Neo wasn't sure he wanted temporary with Phil, but that's what it turned into. He's determined he won't give Phil the chance to hurt him again.

Phil had just tiptoed out his sexuality when he and Neo had a night, but problems in his family led him to shove it back in the closet, leaving Neo in the dust. Phil regrets the past but knows he'll never make it up to an angry Neo.

Until Rose steps in.

But can Rose's gamble tip them back into a relationship, or will the same factors that tore them apart to begin with rear their ugly heads again?

Dear Rose 1: Winter's Gamble

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Reviews and Awards


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Copyright © 2013 Mechele Armstrong

That was more like it. The man stood in front of him wearing only a pair of boxers. Goose pimples erupted on his flesh, probably from the chill.

Neo had goose bumps for an entirely different reason. He wanted to reach out and run his fingers over the planes of his chest. He wanted to lick his way down to Phil's boxers and pull them off with his teeth.

He moved on the bed, sliding down, but Phil held up a hand and jerked back. "Let me finish."

Neo settled back against the pillows. He muttered, "Don't take too fucking long." He'd been the one to start it, but apparently Phil was going to finish it.


Phil turned his back to Neo.

What was that shit? Neo sat up straighter on the bed. What the hell did the man have in mind?

Phil's hands came back to cover his ass. He moved, shaking his bum for all he was worth.

Neo breathed, lying back down as his lungs tried to take in as much air as possible. Phil had a great ass, and the underwear left little to the imagination with their looseness, because Phil's bits were hanging out. Not to mention Neo had already seen the man's ass. He knew the goodness the material covered.

Who would have thought this would be turning him on?

Phil was showing less skin than the men who danced with Rose. Yet Neo found he was a drooling, almost coming, teenager all over again.


Phil finally pulled one of his hands up to the top of the underwear and slowly slipped one side down to reveal the top part of his butt cheek. The other hand slipped up and did the same for that side.

Too slowly for words, Phil took down his underwear an inch at a time, alternating side to side.

Neo sat up again, not because he wanted to get up, but because he didn't want to miss an instant of this show.

Phil pulled down the underwear to the backs of his thighs, then dropped them so they fell to his feet. He stepped from them with a flourish. And bent over like he was touching his toes. He put his ass in the air and held the cheeks up.

So Neo could get a peek at the balls and part of the cock that rested on the front side. They jiggled invitingly.

It was only a glance.

Neo panted a little.

Phil straightened up and looked at Neo over his shoulder. "Good enough for an amateur?" He sounded insecure. A different sound for him for sure. He'd been so sure of himself since they'd started talking.

"You could go pro anytime you want. Rose would have you." Neo shook his head. Not that he wanted others to look upon this fine man. He liked having Phil's body to admire all by himself.

A double standard if there ever was one.

And if you ask him, he'd make all this permanent. He'd be your personal playground. All you'd have to do is ask.

Yet Neo still wasn't sure what he wanted with Phil beyond the great sex for many aforementioned reasons.

Phil looked relieved. "I think I'll stick to bartending. Leave the dancing to you." He turned around fully to face Neo, naked except for dark blue socks. His erect cock hung from his body, proclaiming every inch of desire that Phil had. A scruff of hair cushioned the object that Neo had wanted to see.

Phil looked nonchalant, as though a volcano wasn't rising up in Neo. He took a step toward the bed, his cock swinging in the wind.

Neo couldn't keep his eyes from it. Shouldn't this all-consuming desire be lessening now? Not growing stronger? Only the muffled sounds coming from Phil made him realize that Phil was speaking. "What?"

Phil looked bemused. His voice was layered with chuckling. "I said, it's your turn. To get undressed."

Neo leaped from the bed. He pulled off his pants and shirt almost at the same time, making quick work of it. "Ta-da."

Phil sputtered. "That's not fair. You told me to strip for you." He looked incredulous. "Not take it off that fast."

"And you didn't tell me to strip for you. Just to take it off." He arched a brow. "You snooze, you lose, baby." He ran his hands down his naked chest. It should be feeling cold in there, but all he could feel was heat. He reached his cock and grasped it in his fingers to hold it out. "You gonna make me cover this shit up?"

Phil moved to the bed. "Hell, no."

"Smart man." Neo moved onto the bed by Phil.

"Sometimes. Only sometimes."

He'd better stay wise. If he did, maybe they could have something. "Lie back on the pillow." He grabbed Phil's head and kissed him thoroughly. Heatedly. It made Neo think of all the things they could do. Would do. The promises were endless.

"You're bossy. You know that?" Phil was breathless, yet he continued to try to keep Neo's lips on his. Neo had said something similar to Phil in the dressing room. It seemed like months ago but wasn't.

"Complaining? 'Cause I can stop." He moved to pull back from Phil, knowing that Phil would stop him, or he wouldn't have done it. He wasn't about to pull away now.

Phil grabbed his head and kissed him again. "Never." He lay back in the position that Neo wanted.

Let the games begin.

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