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Mechele Armstrong
Dear Rose 3: Winter's Risk

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · April 2014
eBook ISBN · 978-1-62300-774-4
Genre · Contemporary (m/m/f)
Length · Novel

Rose Winter has brought two relationships together. But now she has her greatest challenge yet. A threesome. But will she risk her own relationship to make this difficult match?

Josie's not a bad person. She's just dating two guys. Really hot, sexy guys. She's been honest, but now it's time to tell them about her lack of a decision as to which guy to keep dating. Only much to her surprise, Quinn and Zach don't want her to choose. They not only find her sexy, but are attracted to each other too.

Although the idea intrigues her, Josie's s a good girl looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right and Mr. Right #2. Zach doesn't believe he can ever find happiness. He doesn't dare dream about the relationship he needs actually working—no matter how much he desires both Josie and Quinn. And Quinn's determined he's going to win them both over and try something new. It's going to take everything he has and more to get the two of them onboard.

With Rose's behind the scenes guidance, will they take the risk of being together?

Dear Rose 3: Winter's Risk

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

4 Cups! "Rose is a wonderful character who truly believes love can conquer anything. There is just enough angst in the formation of a ménage to make the story realistic. I found the writing [of] Ms. Armstrong a wonder to behold. The characters were lively, the story line is interesting, and the sex is sizzling. I thoroughly enjoyed Winter's Risk and I am definitely going to look for the first books so I can see how Rose worked her magic for the other couples."
—Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More


"Are you attracted to me, Army Man?" Quinn moved closer to Zach with a sultry pout that would have brought a sailor to his knees. For once his eyes weren't twinkling with humor. No, his gaze was searing. Downright hot.

Zach swallowed deeply, the movement sliding down his throat but hardly bringing any spit with it. Instead his mouth was suddenly dry. He couldn't answer. Should he answer?

"I've seen you watch me dance. Seen that big gun in your pants I'm pretty sure wasn't a concealed weapon." Another glinty smile. "Not a standard-issue weapon, that is."

Josie's eyes grew as wide as dinner plates again as she stared. "You're attracted to him?" It wasn't unease or disgust Zach heard in her voice, a difference from the last woman, who had gawked at him like he was a toad when he'd confessed to having had sex with men before. Josie sounded intrigued. Possibly even interested. There was a trill in her voice, a look on her face that said maybe that was even a turn-on. She shifted in her chair, crossing her legs. He wasn't sure what it meant, but he was fascinated by her response.

"Answer me." Quinn was as serious as could be. Not joking or moving. He was as still as a calm ocean, not a feat often seen in him from what Zach had observed. And he wanted that answer.

He shot Quinn a challenge. When backed into a corner, he did what any army man would do. Attack. "Are you attracted to me?" He tossed the words out there with a hitch in his voice.

"I asked first." Quinn folded his arms over his chest and frowned back with just as much belligerence.

"And?" Zach waited, his eyes never leaving Quinn's gaze. He wasn't about to stop staring.

He felt Josie move beside him, but he didn't turn to see what she was doing. He was too busy staring into the blue of Quinn's eyes. The blue could challenge the sky and win.

"I asked first." Quinn's voice faltered a little. He moved his gaze away from Zach for a second.

Zach didn't waver, even as Quinn's bravado began to fade away, nor did he say anything more.

"Shit fuck damn. Okay, yep, I'm attracted to you. Happy now?" Quinn's words were not furious, and he had a smile, but there was an undercurrent of frustration. Quinn was used to being alpha. He was going to have to learn Zach was in charge. And I think I know the way to show him.

Hold on. You're not there yet. There's still a lot to be worked out. Call your cock down.

Which was impossible at this point.

"Your turn." Quinn tossed out a challenge much like he had earlier. "Time to answer the fucking question." He arched a brow. The man did use his eyebrows often to get his point across.

Zach took the time to glance at Josie. She was guarded. Gave an appearance of being interested in the scene going on in front of her. She saw his attention and let out a small smile. "Answer him, Zach."

Not that Zach wanted to. Ah dammit. Zach closed his eyes. His moment of not answering probably told them both everything they wanted to know. Busted. "I am." Just as Josie was his type with her dark, smoldering Greek heritage, Quinn was his type with his slightly long dirty-blond hair and paleness. With his tightly muscled body. They weren't exactly what he dreamed about. No one was perfect. But they were pretty close to his ideal.

Now they'd walk away from him. Josie would start, because how could she like someone who was attracted to someone else? Never mind that she is too. Both of them would boltóbecause once she did, Quinn would be next. They'd turn their backs with their feelings plain on their faces; he was a freak of nature and should be condemned for it. He'd seen it too many times to count. With him. Reading history, only a few cultures prized anyone different. It was his lot in life to be an oddity. And alone.

Quinn's smile was victorious. Wondrous. "Now doesn't it feel good to admit that?"

It did, even with his doubts.

And neither of them had jumped to their feet and run out of the coffee shop. Yet.

And then Quinn did something that felt even better than neither of them leaving. He leaned over to place his mouth on Zach's.

Quinn smelled of aftershave, and he tasted like mint. His lips were strong and purposeful on Zach's. They pressed in for deep impact, and they had that effect.

Zach's cock was hard and straining. He wrapped his arms around Quinn and tried to box him in so the embrace wouldn't stop.

He forgot about the world and everything else.

Until he heard a strangled sound.



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