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Mechele Armstrong
Dear Rose: Winter's Source

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · March 2014
eBook ISBN · 978-1-62300-775-1
Genre · LGBTTQ Contemporary (m/m)
Length · Novella

Carl's new to the gay lifestyle, so when he goes out with some feuding friends, the only people who know, he definitely doesn't expect to meet someone special. Especially not Rose Winter, a drag queen hoping to make it with the most powerful voice Carl's ever heard. He's disturbed to be so attracted to someone so flamboyant, but his desire only gets stronger when he "meets" Rose's alter ego, Devyn.

Devyn's been out and proud since he was three, at least to everyone but his father. He can't see himself being with someone who barely has his toes out of the closet like Carl. Not to mention he has a lot of living to do. But something in them clicks and Devyn can't deny being enthralled by this blond chef.

Can he reconcile his desire to live life large with a man who wants to keep his life so private? And is his keeping his homosexuality from his father that different than Carl's interest in keeping his sexual preference a secret in general? Even though they set off fireworks in the bedroom, they may not have what it takes to stay together.

Note: This title is a prequel to the Dear Rose series books.

Dear Rose: Winter's Source

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"Are you Indian or something?" Devyn sat forward, looking at him intently. "And I don't mean like from India. I mean Native American."

Carl laughed. He'd never been asked that question before. Was Devyn blind or maybe a closet blond? "What part of this fair skin looks Native?" Carl didn't just burn at the beach. He toasted to a crisp.

"What are you then? Swedish?" Devyn bit his lip and raked those white teeth down it.

A shiver broke from Carl's spine all the way down his body and legs. "Yeah, the Swedish chef." He accentuated the words so he sounded a little like a Muppet from The Muppet Show. The character was called the Swedish Chef.

Devyn broke out in gales of laughter that were contagious. Carl had never seen someone laugh so hard before at a stupid joke. And for whatever reason, it made Carl want him that much more. The attraction he had for Devyn was cemented at that moment.

When Devyn finally paused long enough for Carl to start talking again, he said, "Actually I'm Norwegian. Or was two generations ago."

"Like the Vikings?" Devyn had stopped snickering and looked so serious his next words took Carl by surprise. "Do you like to pillage and plunder? Bet you could plunder me in a heartbeat. Because I'd let you."

Carl's heart pounded. He almost couldn't hear over it. He wanted this man more than ever. He'd never felt this much desire. It would only be for the night. He didn't know what the next morning would bring. Maybe it would bring many others. Maybe it would just be one. Devyn's sense of humor and flirtatious style had filled Carl with something he couldn't quite explain but knew he had to have. And Devyn had just opened a door. "Would you?" Carl's voice turned deep and raspy.

Devyn batted his eyelashes at Carl. Not as impressive as Rose's fake ones were but still long and full. "I would."

"Now?" Carl moved closer to Devyn. His body was on fire. He needed this. He hadn't reacted like this to anyone in a long time. Probably since college. Maybe even never.

"Not here." Devyn ducked his head as if enjoying some private joke. "They frown on that at the bar." He deadpanned it.

Carl blew out a sigh, breaking the intensity of the moment. "Do they now? And you know this?"

"Yes." Devyn tossed down a tip. "You want to find out why?" Devyn came up to Carl and placed his body right against Carl's. The heat from his body filled Carl with even more longing. "Come find the source, baby." And without another word he approached the entryway door, not even looking to see if Carl followed.

Of course Carl trailed behind him. He was mesmerized. Devyn held the door for him, and out they went.

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