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Mechele Armstrong
Code Monkey

Publisher · Liquid Silver Books
Release Date · November 2011
eBook ISBN · 978-1-59578-870-2
Genre · Contemporary
Length · Novella
Prequel · Geek Love (can be read as a standalone)

Baxter Savage is bored at his job as a code monkey (aka computer programmer). He dreams of leaving his job for better but his sensual dreams of the company's receptionist, Anna Marie, keep him at his job for now.

Anna Marie is the low woman on the totem pole who wants to be more and dreams of hitting the big time. When she's asked to spy on a suspected secrets thief for a promotion, she can't believe her luck. Only it means spending time with a code monkey, namely Baxter.

Baxter is thrilled to have Anna Marie's attention and Anna Marie soon finds that the code monkey is a lot more interesting than she ever thought possible.

When she finds herself falling for him, will she answer the call of her heart or of her dreams? Can they catch the real thief together or will the code monkey lose it all?

Code Monkey

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

5 Stars! "Baxter is now officially one of my favorite heroes. Unlike most heroes, he doesn't have supernatural good looks or superhero powers; he is just a normal guy. It's because of this that I think I like him so much. He is so sweet and charming. He treats Anna with care and respect like men should. By the end of the book I absolutely adored Baxter who in the end "saved the girl, caught the villain, and lived to fight another day" all without the use of supernatural abilities. [...] By the end of the story you could really tell that they made a great pair."
—Katie Cody, The Romance Reviews

4 Cups! "Code Monkey is an entertaining read. The solid storyline and creative characters make this an outstanding read. Mechelle Armstrong has a creative writing style which keeps the reader coming back for more. I recommend Code Monkey for readers of mystery and romance."
—Delane, Coffee Time Romance


"I did. I loved the art show and dinner was great." She shifted forward in her seat. "It wasn't what I expected."

Was that good or bad? He wanted to go out with her again, so he'd pick good. Please let that be accurate. "I'm glad to hear that. Would you like to go out again tomorrow night?" He held his breath waiting for her answer.

She removed her hand from his arm and rubbed it with the other.

"I mean if you don't already plans. Or a date. Or class." Was he babbling? He didn't usually but this was unusual circumstances.

"I don't have plans." She met his gaze. "But don't you?"

"Huh?" He couldn't figure out what she was talking about.

"Sam and Joel. She mentioned that you guys were gaming tomorrow night, didn't she? She said she... was bringing her X-box over."

Oh. "That." He shrugged his shoulders. "It's just to play this game that came out. They'll understand if I have to duck out. Actually, they'll probably like that." They would because then they could play kissy face all night long. They tried to tone things down for his benefit.

"You shouldn't bail on your friends." Her face grew thoughtful, and almost crafty looking. "Is this at your apartment?"

He nodded. Dammit, how to convince her that he could take time for a date from his gaming schedule? "I don't think they would mind..."

"Can I come?"

"...I mean it is... What did you say?" Had he heard her right?

"Sam invited me. Could I come over? Game with you and your friends. I wouldn't distract you." She touched his arm again and her mouth grew pouty. "I'll stay out of the way."

She'd distract him with her mere presence. "I... uh..." He'd never expected her to want to game.

"You could teach me to play whatever you're playing." Her hand moved on his arm, throwing his senses into a whirl. "Please, Baxter."

Like he'd say no. Where did this desire to play video games come from? After all, she'd had ideas about gaming that had come out this evening and none of them were positive. "Okay, I guess." He would have sounded more sure but her touch made him crazy.

"Yay!" Her face lit up into a smile that rivaled the biggest Christmas celebration. "It'll be fun." Her mouth parted.

An opportunity. One that he couldn't help but take. He moved closer to her and propped his lips on hers.

A slight startled gasp met his ears. But that was all. Her hands actually drifted around him to run over his back.

She was the sweetest damn thing he'd ever tasted. Too good. He deepened the kiss, tasting all of her and making her respond to him.

He wasn't gentle as his mouth explored her. He nipped her lips and made sure he took everything she offered and more.

His hand came down her neck, stroking and caressing her as it explored her as well.

He reached her breast.

She started as his hand began to fondle her.

He felt her nipple pebble through her thin blouse. Her sweater must be unbuttoned. He strummed his thumb over it again and again.

Her body shivered as though she were in a deep freeze but the heat emanating from her roasted him.

He hardly noticed when she stiffened suddenly but when her hand went to his chest and pushed him away, he paid attention. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done to pull away. But he wasn't about to push her any further.

Her lips were swollen and red from his kissing. "I... need to go in." She grabbed her stuff but seemed discombobulated.

He ran around the car to open her door before she did so herself. "I'll walk you up to your door."

"You don't have to." Her voice was sharp as a tack.

"I want to make sure you get home safely." He didn't give her a choice.

When they reached her door after walking in silence, her voice was back to normal. "Thanks for a great time. I'll see you tomorrow." She quickly opened the door but seemed to want to run inside and slam it behind her instead of talking.

"Do you want me to pick you up..." He got that out before the door shut in his face. It slowly opened up again.

"No. I'll come over." She let out a wan smile. "Thanks Baxter." The door did shut between them that time.

He stood staring at it for a few minutes. She'd run away from him. Why? Was he that reprehensible? With his hands in his pockets, he stalked back to his car.

For the first time in his life, he wanted to be more than a glorified code monkey. But that was a likely to happen as Darth Vader not turning to the dark side.

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