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Mechele Armstrong
Geek Love

Publisher · Liquid Silver Books
Release Date · December 2010
eBook ISBN · 978-1-59578-786-6
Genre · Contemporary
Length · Novella
Sequel · Code Monkey (can be read as a standalone)

When Joel goes to a science fiction/gaming convention, he never expects to meet the woman of his dreams. But when he finds out a gaming buddy he's never met is there, that's exactly what happens.

Sam got tried of being a woman in the gaming communities, so she adopted a male persona to play--only now she has to make that lie up to her best friend Joel, who she's spent many a night chatting with online. She doesn't think anything that happens onscreen could be real but things sure heat up when she meets the man she considers a buddy.

Amidst science fiction regulars and popular shows and movie fans, Sam and Joel try to get to know each other beyond their gaming names and have a wild night together.

When another online woman sets her sights on Joel and is willing to do anything to get him, Sam is caught in the crossfire. Will she ever be able to reconcile herself to geek love becoming real?

Geek Love

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

5 Stars! "Stories like this just make you feel young again. Take you back when love was awkward and shy and the whole experience was surreal. And then the maturity rating gets upped and things get all kinds of steamy. The humor is applied to near perfection. I smiled, chuckled, and even proceeded to laugh my butt off at times. Though mostly I just oo-ed and awe-ed over the geekiness. [...] Ms. Armstrong worked magic with this book and proved she is all too familiar with the gaming world because every detail was spot on. I would highly recommend it to romantics with a weakness for geeks or a flair for gaming."
—Ragan, Location 2571

"Ms. Armstrong proves that geeks deserve, and need, hot passion with their gaming. It makes me wonder what really goes on during those online gaming sessions. Geek Love turns an online friendship into erotic passion, spiced up with jealousy and suspense."
—Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

4 Stars! "This novella will excite anyone who is interested in online gaming, sci fi conventions or anything pop culture related. Joel and Sam are both ecstatic to have found each other � finally they have a significant other who really understands their gamer lifestyle. While some readers may be put off by the tech-speak, anyone who has ever had a crush on Joss Whedon or has debated the reality of Star Trek will absolutely love this fun jaunt into geek love."
—Dawn Crowne, RT Book Reviews

4 Hoots! "Geek Love by Mechele Armstrong is absolutely astounding! [...] High tensions and nervous confessions, Geek Love is an excellent love story that will have readers in search of their own geek. Loved it!"
—Michelle, Nocture Romance Reads

4 Stars! "...both Sam and Joel are likable characters and there were some lovely sex scenes. I loved all the geeky references to science fiction movies."
—Vee, Night Owl Reviews


Read an excerpt at the publisher's website.

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