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Mechele Armstrong
Settler's Mine 5: The Man

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · December 2009
eBook ISBN · 978-1-60737-486-2
Print ISBN-10 · 1611183553
Print ISBN-13 · 978-1611183559
Genre · SF/Futuristic
Length · Novel

Colton returns to Settler's Mine searching for his mate who he'd abandoned years before. He'd been on his way earlier, but once he and Larkin mated, they couldnít keep their hands to themselves and it delayed his trip.

Michipi has made a new life for herself at Settler's Mine and doesn't want to trust Colton again, no matter how sincere he seems. Especially with his new mate receiving all the perks of the heartstone glow that she never got.

While Michipi enjoys being the subject of being two menís desires and what they have to offer, however good they both are she can't get past Coltonís past betrayal and denies the future of their mating. When an old enemy resurfaces to make an attempt on Colton's life, Michipi is forced to realize that she needs both men in her life. But has the knowledge come too late, and at too high a cost?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f with homoerotic content).

The print version of the book, The Alphas, includes Settler's Mine 4: The Wolf.

Settler's Mine 5: The Man

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

5 Cherries! "The relationship scenes between Larkin and Colton, Colton and Michipi, or when all three finally get together are all very well written and extremely hot. [...] There is a surprise external conflict I didn't expect and it moved this story from a good read to a really great read. I can definitely recommend this book to any reader of romantic sci-fi fantasy stories because it has all the best elements to entertain, keep a reader's interest and a happily-ever-after that really satisfies."
—Xeranthemum, Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 Stars! "When it comes to sensual, futuristic menage romances, Mechele Armstrongís Settler's Mine series is one of the best, hands down. [...] With a talent that sparkles, Mechele Armstrong weaves tales that make you shiver and sweat while still drawing you in to the lives of the characters. This fifth book in the Settler's Mine series is excellent and I can not wait for more of this wonderful series."
—Kimberley Spinney, Sensual Ecataromance

4 Stars! " Mechele Armstrong writes sizzling hot intimate scenes with the emotional development to back it up. [...] Overall, the story is enjoyable, with its mix of romance and action. I haven't read books 1 to 4 of this series and this in no way detracted from my enjoyment."
—Silver, The Raving Readers

4 Nymphs! "The Man has messages on the importance of trust, second chances and forgiveness. I found myself wondering if I could give Colton the opportunity to present his case after so many years of loneliness and heartache. I found the story to be an enjoyable read."
—Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs


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Copyright © 2009 Mechele Armstrong

"Well, yeah. I told you this wouldn't be easy." And this was the least difficult part of the process. Convincing her to be with them would be even harder. Longing filled him. He'd missed her. Something he could finally admit to himself.

"I know." Larkin patted his stomach. "I heard there's a restaurant on the Mine. Why don't we go find food?" He looked up at Colton with a sexy grin. "Then settle into our quarters. We haven't even broken in that bed yet. Which is a damn shame."

Colton's cock reared up. Hard. Maybe they'd break the bed. He could think of a number of things he wanted to eat besides food. "Bar's quicker for a meal."

Larkin reached across to pull him into his arms. "Are we in a hurry?" His erection butted against Colton. He rubbed against him with a sideways motion. The hard cock ground against Colton's skin.

Colton's body heated. His pulse raced along with his heart. Perspiration simmered. "Yes. Yes, we are." He might not be able to find Michipi right now, so he would lose himself in Larkin. Until he could settle things.

"I like the way you think." Larkin's mouth met his for a tangle that left them both panting.

Their heartstones glowed with a fire within. A purple light in each that burst in time with the other.

Movement rounded the corner away from them. Purple movement.

Not a stone. But hair. Long hair swinging behind as the mincing, slim figure sharply turned around the corner. A familiar backside. Familiar hair.

He released Larkin and took off after the shadowy figure.

Larkin's stunned grumble followed him, but Colton didn't stop. Had that been her? Had she been watching them? Was he too late to catch her?

He bolted around the corner. Which way had she gone? If it had even been her. People milled about, slowing him down, impeding his vision. Didn't they have jobs to go do? Heartstones to dig for? He hurried, though he no longer knew where he was going. He'd lost her. If only he'd looked up sooner from Larkin. Her loss cut across his chest like a razor. Even knowing how she'd act toward him, he looked forward to seeing her again.

"Colton." Larkin's concerned voice reached him as Larkin rounded the corner behind him.

Another glint of purple flashed from several feet away.

Colton hurried for the brief glimpse. If it wasn't her, he might end up embarrassing himself. But he had to try.

Gone again.

Where the hell could she have escaped to? There were only so many places to hide on a mine.

The restaurant door was the nearest exit. A bump came from it as it closed all the way. Someone had gone through the doorway recently.

"Did you see her?" Larkin panted as he caught up to Colton. His voice sounded anxious. Almost worried. Maybe Larkin wasn't as sure as he'd been coming across.


"Are you sure?"


"Dammit. I hate it when you get wordy."

Colton ignored the sarcastic words as he slowly pushed open the door to the restaurant. Scanned quietly as he let the door shut behind him and Larkin, who had stepped through, following him.

Nothing. He didn't see her.

He kept looking as a few patrons looked curiously at him. Fuck them. He needed to find her. That was his mission.

His gaze caught the sign on the wall, and he took a back step to read it more carefully. His head lifted.

Larkin looked at him. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." In fact, something was right. Finding her wouldn't be hard to do. "Michipi is here. All we have to do is wait for her to make an appearance."

"How do you know that?" Larkin moved closer to him, noticing all the diners staring at them.

Colton pointed to the sign by the front door of the restaurant. "A hunch."

The sign read MICHIPI'S MEALS.

His heart thundered in his ears. Was she here right now? He was so close to finally reclaiming her.

Larkin smiled. "Guess so. So we wait here for her to show up?"

"Not for long." A quiet voice spoke from behind them. "Hello, Colton."

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