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Mechele Armstrong
Settler's Mine 4: The Wolf

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · December 2008
eBook ISBN · 978-1-59632-855-6
Print ISBN-10 · 1611183553
Print ISBN-13 · 978-1611183559
Genre · SF/Futuristic Paranormal
Length · Novel

When Clyde goes into heat, no one else will do but one of his own secretive race, the Wolftons.

Angelica isn't expecting anyone when she hears a shuttle arrive. To her surprise, it's a virile Wolfton, who asks a single question, "Are you a whore?"

Her answer of "yes" plunges her into an erotic fantasy where her every whim is indulged. With Clyde, she takes the role of submissive to new heights.

Clyde knew he'd find sex to ease his urges, but Angelica's more than a willing body. She's his mate. And with his scent all over her, she's never going to be safe from the bounty hunters after his hide. Now this Wolf will have to outrun his pack to Settler's Mine to claim and keep his mate.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, strong BDSM theme and content (bondage, domination, whipping, etc).

The print version of the book, The Alphas, includes Settler's Mine 5: The Man.

Settler's Mine 4: The Wolf

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Reviews and Awards

4.5 Stars! "Mechele Armstrong is a magician with words. Her stories flow from the pages with sizzle and verve. The Wolf is another fine of example of writing with flair and passion. No matter what she crafts, Ms Armstrong is a crowd pleaser. I definitely can not wait to read more of the Settler's Mine stories."
—Kimberley Spinney, Sensual Reads

4.5 Hearts! "This story left me absolutely breathless! From beginning to end, the reader is taken on an erotic journey that will leave her panting along with the characters. As with Angelica, you will be wondering if you can take anymore, but as with Angelica, you will thrill with her as she reaches new heights with this sexy, wonderful man. So, you have guessed by now that there is a lot of sex in this story, and some of it is rough and kinky. But, there is a lot of romance and emotion too. The plot is not overlooked either. This is one of those stories where the sex and plot compliment each other brilliantly."
—Valerie, Love Romances & More Reviews

Night Owl Romance Reviewer Top PickScore: 4.75/5! "Clyde has been exiled by his pack leader, which led to his settling on Settler's Mine. And that is how the trouble begins with the reader being taken on one of the wildest and sexiest rides of their life."
—Samantha Ann, Night Owl Romance

4.5 Stars & Heat level O! "I really enjoyed Settler's Mine 4: The Wolf... The sex scenes were amazing -- lengthy, well-written and very arousing. [...] Ms. Armstrong has created a fascinating world with the Wolftons and their unique characteristics and I hope to read more about them after enjoying Settler's Mine 4: The Wolf so much."
—Laura Scott, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Nymphs! "Ms. Armstrong brings us action and sex hot enough to bordering on illegally erotic."
—Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

4 Stars! "The lives of two likable characters collide as they try desperately to enjoy their sexual encounters without any expectation of commitment. Armstrong develops their emotional and physical connection through numerous sex scenes, and she succeeds in making the sparks fly -- whether the couple is in human or wolf form. It's a sexy, entertaining read with strong elements of oral, anal and BDSM."
—Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

"Grab a cold drink before reading this story as it's one of the hottest yet in the Settler's Mine series. If you're looking for something that will hold your attention and make you feel all warm and tingly, THE WOLF is it."
—Lori Ann, RRTErotic

3.5 Blue Ribbons! "Mechele Armstrong does a good job describing Clyde's and Angelica's feelings. There was no question who was Alpha and who Beta. The domination Angelica craved came through loud and clear, as did Clyde's willingness to provide all she desired. It was great seeing these two misfits in their own packs come together to form a world of their own."
—Kris Jones, Romance Junkies


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Copyright © 2008 Mechele Armstrong

"No." She held up a hand. "We don't need to talk. We... have other things to do. You don't owe me anything, Clyde."

Did he? Shouldn't he explain to his mate why he wasn't thrilled about having one? After all, the reason men fucked everything in sight was to find a mate. To reproduce. Most males would have been thrilled to find their mate in Angelica. Even if she was a Beta. And a bedroom submissive. His cock hardened thinking about the things they'd done last night. And the things he still wanted to do with her.

Her gaze lowered to his lap. A smile curled up the edges of her lips, replacing her cringing face. A much better look. She took a deep breath as though to buck herself up. "Told you we had other things to do." And it was obvious what those other things were. It was obvious what she wanted to do.

Yet she'd never reach for him. Without being ordered.

His whole pelvis moved up off the bed as if it had a mind of its own, straining for her touch. Imagining what she could do for him was not as good as the real thing. And the real thing was in front of him. Conscious thinking went out of his head. All he could think of was her fingers stroking around his cock. "Touch me, Angelica."

She moved closer and her hand went around his length. She blew out a soft sigh as though this was the best thing she could ever do.

He stretched out his legs to give her more room. To give her ample space for what he wanted her to do. What he'd ordered her to do. She was all too willing to touch him and there were a few awkward moments when he had to push against her to scoot back. She didn't want to let go and wouldn't. He couldn't tell her to. But they finally got into a comfortable position that suited them both.

Her fingers curled around him and created a tunnel that he could go in and out of. Up and down, she moved around him.

He leaned back, head swiveling. Gave himself over to the sensations of her hands on him.

Only little thoughts kept creeping in.

His mate.

Ones he hadn't let himself feel because of his situation, but now that he wasn't thinking about all the reasons they couldn't be together, the emotion that his mate was before him took over.

His mate.

No one else's. His.

His cock shuddered as his hips thrust forward. His entire body spasmed.

His mate.

She had her hands on his cock. Looked at him with this beautiful gaze as if he could do no wrong. Did what he'd told her to do with such efficiency.

His mate.

He'd never expected to find her. Especially in this unlikeliest of places. Never expected to find anyone to be with his sorry ass. Except for times of heat, and that was only whores. And a mate was even more than that.

A mate was forever.

Now he had something he'd never thought he'd find.

Knowing she was his made his heart do flutter things it never had before. And he didn't like that either.

Because he wasn't sure if he could have her. If he should have her. His life was a fucked-up mess. She made him vulnerable. And there were those who would use her in a way they never could the whores.

But he liked what she was doing to him and he leaned back into that, letting her do her work. Put the thought out of his head. About the situation and what to do. He could concentrate on that later. Right now, he'd focus on having this woman. Enjoy the moment with her.

It might be all that they had.

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